About Infostat

The primary activity of Infostat is the development and support of software applications designed to meet the daily reporting and information needs of well operating and drilling contractor companies working in the upstream sectors of the oil, gas and geothermal industries.

Our goal is to develop and support software which offers the following:

  • Easy to install, configure and use
  • Streamlines the daily reporting process
  • Provides tools for the efficient dissemination of this data to others
  • Provides a central database to support operational and business analysis


The company was incorporated in 1989 and has over 22 years of experience in providing rig-to-office reporting and database solutions. Key personnel have extensive experience in the information technology sector of the oil service industry including a significant amount of time spent working at well sites. This has provided us with insight to the unique working environment of the rig which has resulted in the inclusion of design elements targeted specifically at novice rig site users.

  • Our initial work focused on helping operating companies extend their in-house drilling information systems out to the well site. Much experience was gained on how to build robust and easy to use applications for the tough well site environment and laid the foundation for the development of RIMBase.
  • The RIMBase application was released in 1995 as a user friendly and robust daily reporting application for well operating companies. We have continued to refine and upgrade this product which is now in its sixth major iteration. The companion RIMBase Report Server application was added to completely automate the daily report distribution process.
  • Building on our experience with RIMBase we released the RIMDrill application in 2000. RIMDrill is targeted at meeting the needs of the drilling contractor community and includes the ability to create an electronic version of the IADC Daily Drilling report. In addition it provides drilling contractors with reports for a broad range of non-IADC report data. It includes many business analysis tools such as the ability to track key rig performance indicators (KPI’s) to help companies better assess and compare performance of individual rigs within their fleets. Recently we have broadened the scope of the RIMDrill family of products to include the report data required by the marine Departments of offshore drilling contractors.

Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy can be summarized as:

  • Developing robust and easy to use information tools to meet the needs of rig site and office users in our chosen industry sector
  • Providing users with excellent support to ensure that they gain maximum benefits from these applications
  • Continually assessing the needs of our customers and the latest information technologies and where appropriate match these to improve the overall value and effectiveness of our applications
  • Protecting our customers investment in this information asset by continually upgrading our applications and providing data migration tools to move historical data forward into newer versions