RIMDrill Overview

RIMDrill is a reporting and operational management information system for drilling contractors. It is designed to help remote rig users communicate operational and HSE data to the shore-based management team and to provide both groups with tools for efficient data analysis. The goal is to provide information tools to help improve asset performance through better understanding of key areas such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Rig Downtime and Rig Utilization. Equally important is the ability to track human factors such as crew performance in executing required safety programs. RIMDrill is a critical information tool that helps customers better manage and market drilling assets.

First released in 2001, RIMDrill has grown from being a simple daily and IADC reporting system into a full-featured operational information system for drilling rigs. The addition of several plug-in modules has expanded functionality to cover a wide range of user information needs with the flexibility to tailor the system for each customer. RIMDrill is the most widely-used application of its type within the drilling contractor community and is in use worldwide on all types of drilling units from deepwater MODUs to land rigs.

RIMDrill recognizes the unique needs of personnel working at remote rig sites by incorporating key features such as:

  • an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface to minimize training and deployment challenges
  • tightly integrated data entry, data transfer and reporting functions with a minimal network footprint
  • robust architecture and extensive product QA testing
  • extensive diagnostic and troubleshooting tools to minimize disruptions for rig personnel
  • data quality monitoring features to help users improve value and quality of entered data
  • user access and data security controls to protect data from unauthorized access
  • updated browser-based Help that can be customized for each customer’s unique environment
  • robust bi-directional communications capabilities to keep rig and office systems synchronized over variable quality communications links
To meet the broad range of reporting and report distribution requirements, there are several components to the RIMDrill family of products:


  • Offshore Version: optimized for use on floaters and jack-up rig fleets
  • Land Rig Version: optimized for use with land rig fleets

RIMDrill Rig Personnel Management

  • RIMDrill Personnel Management is a highly efficient and secure system for managing all aspects of rig personnel – both rig crews and third-party.

RIMDrill Mobile Reporter

  • RIMDrill Mobile Reporter pushes critical event-driven notifications, alerts and management summary data to mobile devices – any time, any place.

RIMDrill Insights

  • RIMDrill Insights is a performance analytics platform for detailed analysis of equipment-related rig downtime events.

RIMDrill Multiple Activity Center (MAC)

  • RIMDrill MAC provides additional granularity for reporting on multiple activity centers on the rig, including those with dual derricks.

RIMDrill Marine

  • RIMDrill Marine handles the reporting needs of the rig marine department personnel.

RIMDrill Reporter

  • RIMDrill Reporter automates and streamlines the distribution of report data from the central office database

RIMDrill Rig Sync

  • RIMDrill Rig Sync enables sharing of rig system data between third-party systems and RIMDrill to save time and help ensure data accuracy and consistency.

RIMDrill Enterprise Sync

  • RIMDrill Enterprise Sync automates the transfer of RIMDrill data to other enterprise information systems.

RIMDrill Exporter

  • RIMDrill Exporter improves reliability and quality of bi-directional data transfers between rig and shore databases.