Digital IADC Reports in RIMDrill

Digital versions of the IADC daily report are created in RIMDrill under license from IADC and are fully approved to replace the more traditional preprinted, multi-part, hand drafted reports. The digital IADC report is very popular with both rig users who appreciate the more efficient data entry and office users who like the improved legibility, accuracy and portability of the printed report.

Digital signatures can be applied to the report by both the drilling contractor and operating company representatives using an easy to install signature pad. Once signed and created the secure IADC report cannot be edited or changed in any way. RIMDrill has an elegant method for dealing with situations where changes to the IADC report are required. In this case the data changes are made and the signatures reapplied. The “Revised” IADC report is then created and incorporates the reason for the revision. The revised reports clearly display a Revision Number and for audit purposes a fourth page is added to the report which clearly shows the revision history of the report.

Users will find many advantages in using RIMDrill to create
digital versions of the IADC report such as:

  • clear, legible high quality report
  • the use of “Get Previous” buttons reduces data entry workload and improves data accuracy
  • in the standard RIMDrill product IADC data is shared with other daily reports minimizing the requirement for redundant data entry
  • secure storage and versioning of signed IADC reports
  • allows creation of revised IADC reports including a comment on the reason for revision
  • formatted for 2 and 3 Tour versions
  • electronic signatures applied using a signature pad
  • report data from all rigs can be transferred to a central office database system for archival purposes
  • secure PDF copies of IADC reports can be e-mailed directly from RIMDrill
  • IADC reports are printed on 3 pages of US Letter or A4 sized paper
  • support for traditional IADC Report output and XML data transfer file