RIMDrill Insights

An important measure of rig performance is downtime. Downtime caused by equipment failures and other inefficiencies translates into money and time wasted, and can be mitigated through improved analysis of downtime events. Understanding these events can help drilling jobs remain within the original well plan. Typical questions from management might be “What are the top equipment systems that are contributing to our downtime?” or “Which rigs or divisions are experiencing the highest downtime hours?” To allow management to gain visibility and understanding of these critical areas of performance requires the use of key metrics. To meet this requirement Infostat has developed the RIMDrill Insights plug-in module.

RIMDrill Insights is an analytics platform designed to leverage the value of RIMDrill data to allow both novice and advanced users to measure how each rig, division, equipment system, equipment part, or vendor performs. RIMDrill Insights can be used to establish a baseline level of performance metrics for each defined performance category. RIMDrill Insights allows rig users to easily enter downtime events as part of the daily reporting process while providing the operational management team with powerful output reporting and visualization tools for data analysis.

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How It Works

RIMDrill Insights allows the user to initiate job-related downtime events in the daily operations details with a simple right click. Downtime events can be created and assigned to the appropriate equipment and parts for easy tracking and analysis. Non-job-related downtime events can be tracked at the rig level.

A key feature of RIMDrill Insights is the configuration flexibility designed to let each customer select which events to track providing them with the necessary performance information to better understand and manage operational activities. Insights includes the ability to track regular operational activities such as tripping which are part of an extended downtime activity (IADC Code 8) such as a BOP pull. This in turn allows KPI Efficiency data to be tracked for activities that previously had to be coded as downtime while still showing the entire downtime event on the IADC DDR as Code 8.


Reporting and Data Visualization

RIMDrill Insights comes with a flexible reporting and data visualization capability. This provides users with a productive tool to easily compare performance data for selected jobs or rigs. It avoids the substantial amounts of time that users often expend creating and massaging data into spreadsheets for graphing and charting. To generate reports, users specify the desired selection criteria from the downtime selection menu. Once a report has been defined to demonstrate a specific performance characteristic it can be named and saved for future use.

The resulting reports provide users with a highly visual (and tabular) view of job and rig performance data which can be used by decision makers to spot weaknesses in asset management and help plan for higher productivity.


RIMDrill Insights features include:

  • Uses the familiar RIMDrill user interface, minimizing deployment and training issues
  • Initiate a downtime event in the daily operations while keeping track of all operational activities within the event
  • Measure performance related to equipment groups, systems and parts
  • Provides analysis for vendor performance related to downtime
  • Identify critical and non-critical path downtime
  • Activated by license key with no additional software installation required
  • Filter by division, rig type or rig to compare performance across multiple assets
  • Compare year over year performance or any other selected time period
  • View downtime events by job or rig
  • Performance graphs to allow multi-well comparisons
  • Defined reports can be saved for future use