RIMDrill Multiple Activity Center (MAC)

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In an effort to improve operational efficiency and performance many modern drilling rigs are incorporating innovations such as dual derricks and automated pipe handling systems. This in turn is driving a requirement for more sophisticated reporting capabilities to help the management team better understand if their investment in these new systems are delivering on their promised potential. There is also an increasing interest in having more detail reported on critical offline tasks such as BOP repairs, sub-sea operations and departmental projects.

To meet this requirement Infostat has developed a plug in module for RIMDrill called the Multiple Activity Center Module (MAC). The goal of this module is to provide users with the information needed to better analyze and manage multiple rig operations and activities as well as providing performance data to show the benefits of having such capabilities. A major feature is designed to clearly show the efficiencies gained through the use of the dual activity capability of dual derrick rigs and to show the reduced downtime risk associated with redundant drilling systems. The module is designed to allow the user to have maximum configuration flexibility. Operational reporting can be set up for any rig activity where the user would like to have more details on parallel rig activities.

RIMDrill MAC Features

  • Track dual activity time (time saved as a result of parallel critical path operations on the well)
  • Track offline activity time (time saved as a result of parallel operations in other activity centers such as offline building of stands)
  • Downtime analysis including time saved as a result of other derrick assisting while repairs are made on the “down” derrick
  • Charge rate analysis (show IADC and Daily Report 24-hour operations that reflect critical path progress on the well regardless of which derrick performed the activity)
  • Flexibility – customers can configure the system to add each activity center for which they want to capture operational data
  • Single Daily Report for all rig activity (avoids having separate IADC and daily reports for each derrick)
  • Handles reporting for additional equipment used on multiple activity center rigs including multiple wireline, crown-o-matic, wash pipe and top-drive equipment systems
  • Integrates data with IADC and other daily operational reports
  • Provides analysis reports and dashboards to illustrate the relationship between various operational activities

RIMDrill MAC Benefits

  • Familiar RIMDrill user interface minimizes training time
  • Easy to deploy – built into the RIMDrill application and enabled through a license key
  • Streamlines the reporting procedure for billing customers with record of all activities performed on the well, including dual activity time and auxiliary derrick assists during downtime on main derrick
  • Improves accuracy and efficiency over “spreadsheet” type tracking methods
  • Provides asset managers with an analytical tool to better understand the performance and interaction of complex rig operational systems
  • Provides metrics to help asset marketing and customer sales presentations