RIMDrill Marine

The RIMDrill Marine Reporting module is a companion application to RIMDrill and is designed to meet the reporting needs of the marine departments of offshore drilling contractors.

The Marine Reporting module is installed separately from RIMDrill but shares relevant data with RIMDrill where practical. This results in a more efficient data entry environment. Data is transferred on a daily basis from the rig to a central office database using the built in communications utility. The user interface design is similar to RIMDrill which results in a reduced user learning curve and training requirement. The application also comes with a rich set of utilities and troubleshooting tools to help ensure a trouble free operation.

RIMDrill Marine Features Include:

  • Data collection and reports are aligned with the needs of the contractor’s marine department
  • Separate product installed on marine department PC’s
  • Administered and controlled by marine department
  • Detailed data entry forms for broad range of rig marine data
  • Daily marine hardcopy report for both floating and jack-up rigs
  • A subset of marine data is shared with RIMDrill
  • User customizable drop down lists and flexible Units of Measure
  • Based on the familiar RIMDrill user interface
  • Efficient data entry using “Get Previous” functions where practical
  • Automated daily data transfers to a central office database
  • Full set of diagnostic and utility functions

RIMDrill Marine Benefits Include:

  • Improved effectiveness of reports due to the detailed and specific marine data content that is owned and controlled by the marine department
  • Data based solution results in improved data consistency and quality across rig fleet
  • Central office data store supports rig fleet data analysis
  • Similar tried and tested user interface as RIMDrill reduces training requirement
  • Data sharing with RIMDrill minimizes redundant data entry and improves data consistency

RIMDrill Marine has data entry forms for the following marine related data:

  • General Vessel and Operational Data
  • Weather, Sea State and Vessel Motion
  • Positional Information (including during rig moves)
  • Rig Engines
  • Floating Rigs – Stability and Anchors or Thrusters
  • Jack-up Rigs – Stability, Leg and Cantilever data
  • Bulk Inventory Item Tracking
  • Vessel Movements and Activities
  • Helicopter Movements
  • Marine Safety Drills
  • Marine Log
  • Remarks

RIMDrill Marine Reports:

Daily Printed Reports – separate versions for:

  • Jack-ups
  • Anchored Floater
  • Dynamically Positioned Floater