RIMDrill Rig Sync

The current industry climate is pushing companies to seek improved operational performance and reduced downtime partly through a more effective use of information. This in turn is driving a requirement for the drilling contractor and other rig based service companies to share information in an automated fashion to reduce redundant data handling, improve accuracy and maximize the benefit of the data to improve operational performance.

To help meet this goal Infostat has developed the RIMDrill Rig Sync Module. RIMDrill Rig Sync is designed to transfer data from RIMDrill to other internal or third-party information systems and/ or receive relevant from other sources such as third party service companies. RIMDrill Rig Sync runs as a quiet service on the rig managing the data flow between RIMDrill and other information systems. Based on customer requirements, a custom plug-in module is used to transfer the specified data to the third-party systems.

RIMDrill Rig Sync can be configured in either of two modes:

  • Push Mode: designed to “push” or send data from the RIMDrill database to third-party entities on the rig. Examples of the types of data that might be sent include IADC Daily Drilling Report data or certain types of WITSML-formatted data
  • Receive Mode: designed to receive data from third-party entities on the rig. Examples might include drilling parameter data from data acquisition packages

How It Works

RIMDrill Rig Sync has two components:

  • Sync Base Unit: contains the engine to interact with the RIMDrill database in handling the data in incoming or outgoing data files
  • Third-Party Plug-In Unit: custom built for each specific opportunity to allow specific data to be selected and transferred to/from the RIMDrill database. The specification is based on the requirement of the third-party entity which is supplying or receiving data. In all cases the data content must be approved by the RIMDrill system owner

The application runs as a service on a rig server and is connected to the rig RIMDrill database. A user interface allows the user to interact with the application for configuration purposes. Timing of the data sharing event is one of the configuration settings and can vary from once per day to multiple times per hour. The transport method and structure of the data is mutually agreed upon between Infostat and the third-party.

Features and Benefits

  • Streamlines rig site data sharing by reducing redundant data entry
  • Improves data quality and consistency
  • Once configured requires little maintenance or user input
  • Customizable for each data sharing third-party
  • RIMDrill owner controls shared data content
  • Flexible timing of data sharing events