RIMDrill Rig Sync

The current industry climate is pushing companies to seek improved operational performance and efficiencies through a more effective use of information available on the rig. Sensor data aggregators and rig state systems are making rig data sharing easier. Effective sharing of rig information in an automated fashion can be used to reduce the data entry burden on rig personnel while increasing data accuracy and report consistency across different systems. Along with other RIMDrill Data Quality features, this will help ensure that the rig information used to manage and improve operational performance is accurate and complete without having to have office personnel cleanup rig data in the office.

To help meet this goal Infostat has developed RIMDrill Rig Sync. RIMDrill Rig Sync is designed to transfer data from RIMDrill to other internal or third-party information systems and / or receive relevant information from other sources such as third-party service companies. RIMDrill Rig Sync runs as a quiet service on the rig managing the data flow between RIMDrill and other information systems. Based on customer requirements, a custom plug-in module is used to send or receive data from other rig systems and the RIMDrill rig reporting system.

How It Works

RIMDrill Rig Sync has two components:

  • Sync Base Unit: contains the engine which coordinates data transfers between RIMDrill and the other rig systems. Only one base unit is necessary for each rig and will handle one or more plug-ins to other rig systems. The application runs as a service on a rig server and is connected to the rig RIMDrill database. A user interface allows the user to interact with the application for configuration purposes. Timing of the data sharing event is one of the configuration settings and can vary from once per day to multiple times per hour.
  • Plug-In Unit: is a small, usually single file software module which is added to the Sync Base Unit to provide a data interface based on the specific rig data source. Examples of systems where plug-ins can be used is rig sensor data aggregators, rig state information, or other manual data entry systems for safety or equipment management. The plug-in method is flexible allowing RIMDrill to share data with just about any system where the interface specifications are available. Plug-ins can be added or modified without affecting the Rig Sync base unit or other RIMDrill software components.

Features and Benefits

  • Save rig personnel data entry time by prepopulating daily reports with information already available from sensor feeds or other systems
  • Drilling information, such as WOB or RPM, could automatically be entered into daily reports
  • Rig state system can give drillers a head start on entering the operations activity information for the tour. RIMDrill’s enhanced templating system allows companies to preconfigure their own operations descriptions and have RIMDrill automatically fill in data from sensors. For example, sensor data could automatically be used to populate a company defined operations time-based activity description of ‘POOH unrestricted from 1800 ft @ 600 ft/min’ where the activity type, ‘POOH’, ‘1800 ft’, and ‘600 ft/min’ could be automatically be filled in from the sensor data
  • Improves data accuracy and reporting consistency across applications
  • Once configured requires little maintenance or user input
  • Customizable for each data sharing system
  • RIMDrill owner manages shared data content
  • Flexible timing of data sharing events

Contact Support for more information on how RIMDrill Rig Sync can interface with your rig sensor systems.