RIMDrill is the core member of the RIMDrill family of software applications. RIMDrill contains a tightly-integrated set of features to make it a complete drilling operations reporting and information system. Rig-based systems collect and store a wide range of daily report data, including all of the data needed to create a licensed IADC Daily Drilling Report. Data is transferred to a central-office-based RIMDrill system using an integrated communications module, where it is merged with data from the entire rig fleet.

This consolidated data set becomes a major asset for the customer when accessed through the built-in suite of reports, dashboards and analytic tools in RIMDrill. In addition to providing the management team with updates on fleet-wide operational and safety activities, the visualization tools support organizational awareness of risks and trends. The analytical tools present information in a visual format for critical rig metrics such as rig downtime, safety incidents and events and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These tools help provide key stakeholders with the insight necessary to manage efficient and safe operations of their drilling assets.

Separate versions of RIMDrill are available to meet the unique requirements of offshore and onshore rig fleets.

RIMDrill features include:

  • easy to setup and use on all types of rigs
  • licensed by IADC for creation of official IADC reports
  • configuration flexibility allows the application to be tailored to customer needs
  • data security and user access controls
  • tracks key rig performance metrics such as:
    • rig downtime
    • rig utilization
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • non-productive time
    • disputed operational time
  • tracks key HR data such as:
    • safety incidents and events
    • safety meetings and drills
  • automated data synchronization between rigs and offices over variable-quality communications links
  • wide selection of output reports with flexible data selection criteria
  • data visualization tools such as dashboards and graphical displays
  • data quality analysis reports
  • e-Mailing of reports directly from the RIMDrill application
  • customer logo can be added to all reports
  • fully customizable units of measure
  • online context sensitive Help
  • runs on standard Windows PCs and servers
  • uses Microsoft database technologies (SQL Server or Access)
  • scalable for all types of installations from single user systems to larger networked rig and office environments

RIMDrill benefits include:

  • data consolidation for entire fleet creates a core asset and supports an information culture
  • HR and safety reports provide insight to safety performance and effectiveness of safety programs
  • dashboards and graphs support operational awareness at business unit and corporate level
  • performance criteria can be viewed at rig and group level to allow comparisons and identify best-practice operations
  • easy availability of KPI data to support drilling asset marketing
  • rig downtime reports to identify and analyze equipment reliability issues on a fleet-wide basis
  • data quality tools to improve effectiveness and reliability of rig-sourced data
  • history of drilling operations supports trend analysis and experience retention