RIMBase has the capability to capture, store and report on a broad range of operational, cost, safety and engineering data for the life cycle of a well. The goal is to streamline the well site reporting task while providing the well construction team with a broad range of summary and analysis reports to help them effectively manage their current operations and plan future projects.

RIMBase is a tightly integrated application that includes a database, data entry forms, output reports, rig to office data transfer functions and administrative utilities in a single executable file.

RIMBase Features Include:

  • Easy to setup and use on all types of rigs
  • Divides different well activities into discrete jobs such as site preparation, drilling, completion, interventions  and facilities
  • Dashboards provide cost and operational data in a condensed visual format
  • Completed well schematics with zoom feature for vertical and horizontal wells
  • Key Performance (KPI) data tracking for repetitive operational tasks
  • Files in any format can be attached to a well record – such as images, word documents, spreadsheets, scans and PDF’s
  • Add custom data fields – users can add their own data fields  to tailor the application more closely to their needs
  • Reporting Flexibility – users can customize the layout of the daily report
  • Non-productive operational activities can be tracked and categorized
  • Runs on Windows PC’s and uses Microsoft database technologies
  • Scalable for use by single users, small work groups or larger networked environments
  • Customer logo can be added to reports
  • Communications module automates data transfers to the central office
  • Tracks multiple well bores for each well
  • Look-Up List items can be customized by the user
  • Online context sensitive Help
  • Units of Measure can be customized for international operations

RIMBase Reports

RIMBase comes with a broad range of reports for drilling and well operational analysis. Some features are common to all reports:

  • Automatic sizing for US Letter and A4 size paper – determined by printer settings
  • Incorporation of customer logo
  • Can be output in PDF format
  • Many can be output to Excel
  • Many graphical reports can be annotated for additional clarity

Daily Operational and Cost Reports:

RIMBase includes a variety of Daily Morning Reports including:

  • Daily Drilling Reports
  • Daily Completion Reports
  • Daily Workover Reports
  • Daily Well Cost Reports
  • Daily Well Graphical Report
  • Daily Well Summary
  • Daily Management Summary
  • Daily Flowback Report

Management Summaries:

  • Cost Analysis Summary Dashboard
  • Operations Analysis Dashboard
  • Well Group Analysis Dashboard
  • Completed Well Schematic
  • Daily Well Summary Report
  • Well Summary Graph

Cost Analysis:

  • Daily Cost Reports (Summary & Detailed with Notes)
  • AFE vs Actual Costs
  • AFE Detailed Report (Including Supplements)
  • Cost vs Depth Graph (Single and Multi-well)
  • Cost vs Days Graph (Single and Multi well)
  • Mud Consumables
  • Vendor Costs
  • Cost Query Report
  • Weekly Cost Reports
  • Well Costs Summary

Well Performance Analysis:

  • Non-Productive Time Report
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Report (Single Well and Multi-well Comparisons)
  • Multi Well Days vs Depth Graph
  • Multi Well Days vs Cost Graph

Downhole Visualization:

  • Borehole Schema (for straight, directional and horizontal well bores)
  • Directional View (3D, elevation and plan)
  • BHA Graphical Report
  • Drilling Parameters versus Depth Plot
  • Mud Parameters versus Depth Plot

Well Planning:

  • Days vs Depth Graph (Single and Multi-well)
  • Well Summary Graph
  • Bit Summary
  • BHA Summary
  • Mud Summary
  • Casing Run Report
  • Hydraulics Analysis
  • Production String Report
  • Stimulation Job Report

Operational Analysis:

  • Non-Productive Time Report
  • Operational Time Graph
  • Operational Time Analysis Report
  • Operational Time Query
  • Operational Activity Summary
  • Weekly Operational Report


  • Hydraulics Report
  • BHA List Report
  • BHA Serialized Components
  • Daily Mud Report
  • Casing Tally Joint Report
  • Casing Tally Run Report
  • Cementing Report
  • Survey Listings
  • Packers/Plugs
  • Downhole Assemblies
  • Perforations


  • Medical/Accident Report Summary
  • Safety Report Summary