RIMBase Overview

In a challenging industry economic climate, it is vital that well operating companies have access to and can effectively utilize daily well operational data. The data must support a collaborative environment between the management team and other disciplines to help optimize project management and operational performance across the enterprise. RIMBase is a comprehensive and cost-effective data reporting and data visualization solution that empowers well operators to cut costs and streamline operations with powerful insight to well data.

The RIMBase operations reporting and business analysis system offers a comprehensive and tightly integrated solution to report and analyze rig operational, safety and cost data for the life cycle of the well. RIMBase provides the management team with information that improves well planning and engineering and provides performance analytics with KPI and NPT data.

RIMBase is designed with users in mind and is the most user-friendly application of its type, which translates to lower deployment and training costs.

RIMBase is available as a licensed desktop solution or as a cloud-based service to provide users with maximum acquisition and deployment flexibility. The licensed desktop solution and cloud-based service are similar in functionality and both offer the most cost-effective and highest-value solution for startup well operators or others wanting to reduce the cost and complexity of their current systems. Historical data from legacy and competitor systems can be migrated to RIMBase with an available data migration utility.

RIMBase Desktop – a licensed solution for maximum data security and control

  • Licenses cost less than competing systems and have lower recurring support and maintenance costs, resulting in lowest overall cost of ownership
  • After initial acquisition, annual recurring costs are much lower than “pay as you go” systems
  • System designed to minimize upfront deployment and training costs
  • Attractive leasing and financing options available
  • Gives users maximum data security, control and data access flexibility
  • Licenses administered by a simple web-based licensing system controlled by the customer

RIMBase Cloud – a service for minimal IT footprint and usage based pricing

  • Eliminates capital expenditures with minimal IT infrastructure costs
  • Usage based pricing model relates monthly service costs to operational activity levels and can easily be assigned to well AFEs
  • Minimal installation, configuration and application maintenance by IT personnel
  • Minimal maintenance costs and down-time
  • Product upgrades and updates are pushed to the Cloud with little or no interruption of service