RIMBase Reporter

RIMBase Reporter is a companion application to RIMBase designed to streamline the report distribution process. Daily Reports can be configured for automatic distribution to an e-mail recipient, to any printer on the network, or to a file folder on the network.

The goal is to improve the efficiency of operations support personnel who spend a lot of time distributing daily well report data to others, both inside and outside the company. RIMBase Reporter relieves personnel from much of this tedious and repetitive task which can require several hours of effort each day. Reports can be delivered to users in a more timely fashion. Once configured the application can run unattended on a 24/7 basis providing distributions on weekends and holidays.

Features of RIMBase Reporter include:

  • Comprehensive and flexible configuration capability to suit all daily report distribution requirements.
  • Daily report distributions are automatically made by one of the following methods:
    • as e-mail attachments sent directly to selected e-mail recipients
    • to selected network printers
    • as pdf files to a designated network or web folder where they could be accessed using the internet or company intranet
  • The timing of each report distribution can be flexibly set to one of the following:
    • immediately upon import into the RIMBase database
    • at a prescribed time each day allowing report data to be previewed before distribution
    • by manual initiation allowing complete control of the distribution process
  • Distribution configurations can be made on a well by well basis from the RIMBase database
  • Reports are output in the widely accepted pdf format
  • Various daily and cost report formats are available
  • After initial setup the application requires a minimal amount of daily maintenance

Benefits of RIMBase Reporter include:

  • Frees up resources engaged in the inefficient and time consuming report distribution task
  • More timely distribution of reports due to reduced “human” interaction
  • Users can receive reports at any location where they can access e-mails
  • Automatic 24/7 operation provides report distribution coverage for weekends and holidays