RIMDrill Rig Personnel Management

RIMDrill Rig Personnel Management is a plug-in module for RIMDrill that is designed to meet the reporting needs for tracking personnel on board (POB) the rig and includes Personnel On Board (POB) and Personnel On Location (POL). RIMDrill POB serves the unique needs of offshore rigs and includes the ability to manage room, lifeboat and muster station assignments as well as crew and catering management, while RIMDrill POL serves the needs of onshore rigs.

Personnel details are entered into POB or POL upon arrival on the rig, including key information such as room, lifeboat and muster station assignments. RIMDrill security settings control access to personnel data, and data is transferred automatically by RIMDrill to the central office database for backup and auditing.

RIMDrill POB / POL Features

  • Integrated with RIMDrill and shares data with IADC Payroll section
  • Provides a Detailed record for each person on the Rig, with a full history of personnel rig visits
  • Stores data in a rig database and transfers data automatically to central office database
  • Manages hotel, lifeboat and muster station assignments
  • Secures personnel data with integrated RIMDrill security settings
  • Carries data forward from previous reports
  • Integrates with RIMDrill Sync to push personnel data to other enterprise information systems

RIMDrill POB / POL Benefits

  • Tracks personnel movements to ensure personnel accountability
  • Shares user interface with RIMDrill, reducing training requirement and empowering immediate productivity
  • Shares data with IADC Payroll section, increasing efficiency and accuracy
  • Provides powerful reports that give easy access to critical personnel data
  • Stores data locally and backs data up to central office to ensure data integrity
  • Automates and streamlines distribution of personnel data to other enterprise systems using RIMDrill Sync

RIMDrill POB / POL Reports

  • Catering Daily Report
  • Catering Range Report
  • Daily Arrival & Departure Report
  • Daily Personnel On Board / Location Report
  • Days on Board / Location Report
  • Lifeboat / Muster Station Manifest
  • Lifeboat / Muster Station Report
  • Personnel On Board / Location Query Report
  • Rig Crew Report
  • Room / Camp Assignment Manifest
  • Room / Camp Assignment Report