RIMDrill Enterprise Sync

The RIMDrill Enterprise Sync module is designed to transfer RIMDrill data from the central office database to enterprise information systems such as resource planning (ERP), human resources, financial tracking, payroll, receivables, maintenance, safety and risk management, document management repositories and other third-party enterprise systems.

RIMDrill Enterprise Sync runs as a service and monitors the flow of RIMDrill data coming from remote rig sites.  Based on customer requirements, a plug-in can be configured or developed to export data from the RIMDrill database into the desired enterprise application.

RIMDrill Enterprise Sync Features

  • Data Transfer Modules are created for each customer to tailor the data content for each enterprise system where RIMDrill data is to be loaded. These RIMDrill Enterprise Sync plug-ins simplify maintenance and allow users to quickly and easily integrate RIMDrill data with third-party systems.
  • Flexible Data Format gives the end-user the ability to specify the format for transferring data from RIMDrill to the third-party system.  Examples include XML, CSV or direct-to-database.
  • Flexible Data Transfer options, including FTP transfer or copy of file to a network drive, web service, email or direct-to-database.  If FTP is chosen as the data transfer method, the file can be transferred using secure transmission methods (SSL/TLS).
  • Flexible Transfer Timing allows data to be transferred on a user-defined fixed or variable time interval, providing flexibility in transferring data from RIMDrill to the enterprise system.

RIMDrill Enterprise Sync Benefits

  • RIMDrill Enterprise Sync extends the power of RIMDrill in the business environment to provide for integration of RIMDrill and RIMDrill data into existing enterprise business management systems.
  • Efficiency Improvements due to the automated data handling process thus avoiding duplicate data entry.
  • Improved Accuracy by eliminating potential errors introduced in the manual handling of transferred data.
  • Improved Timeliness and Availability of Data due to the streamlined and automated transfers to enterprise systems, including on weekends and holidays.
  • Lower Development, Maintenance and Upgrade Costs by providing an interface between user applications and RIMDrill database.  Customization will be minimized and limited to plug-ins instead of having to create an entire custom version of the application.