Uncovering Key Benefits of DDR, DDR+, and DDR plus for Drill Reporting

Effective drill reporting and efficient and cost-effective operations are critical to the success of businesses involved in the drilling industry. As we move towards increased automation, the importance of having robust drilling software offering premium features has increased massively.

Read more: Uncovering Key Benefits of DDR, DDR+, and DDR plus for Drill Reporting

Drilling managers and their procurement staff are now looking for robust software and solutions to help them manage their operations effectively.

Drilling software is an umbrella term that describes various software and solutions that help a business with drilling aspects such as planning, scheduling, reporting, data management, etc. The software widely used for drill reporting is DDR and DDR Plus, provided by IADC.

Let’s take an in-depth look into the world of DDR and DDR plus and the various benefits it offers when it comes to drilling reporting.  

DDR of Daily Drilling Report Management Software

Daily drilling report (DDR) management software is a robust solution that offers impeccable capabilities that help drillers with quality data capturing and management of drill plods. The software is used where drilling managers and operators use a digital form to replace paper-based ones. The plods are subsequently uploaded on a digital web platform where data managers can share their findings, edit and create compelling reports.

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They can also share their exploration reports with their clients, usually in PDF format. It effectively replaces manual forms and saves much time because drillers won’t have to manually input every bit of data they collect from the operations.

The DDR software often includes basic reporting and analytics that helps drill managers keep track of the number of plods, meters drilled, and other important metrics they can use to make informed and data-driven decisions.

The DDR Plus ™

The drilling industry has undergone numerous changes since the DDR was first introduced in the market. There has been an increased demand for better and more advanced software that reflects the advancements in drilling technology, sensor capability, and computer power. Therefore, the DDR plus was introduced by the IADC to move towards increased automation.

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This high-powered print and electronic data collection system aims to remove the inefficiencies of its predecessor and is a holistic solution that helps drilling operators and managers obtain secure and accurate data to assess its performance against industry benchmarks.

The main focus of the IADC Advance Rig Technology, Drilling Controls, and Systems subcommittee focused on the following key areas when coming up with the DDR Plus ™ :

  • Report digitization
  • Operation codes upgradation
  • Optimizing pick lists

Six new operations codes have been added to the latest software:

  • 33: Operating Status
  • 34: Safety
  • 35: Well Control
  • 36: Coiled Tubing
  • 38: Subsea Installations

All completion codes have been grouped into a singular category of 37: Completion activities. In addition to the coding system, the DDR Plus ™ schema allows the data to be stored, transferred, and analyzed easily and seamlessly. Furthermore, every bit of data entered into the DDR Plus ™ will find a home in the schema.

This begs the question as to what is the DDR Plus ™ schema. In simple terms, it is a standardized digital description of the DDR Plus ™. The data is easily comprehendible and machine-readable. Furthermore, the schema is programmed, designed, and configured to be used in the background of an intuitive user interface (UI) built by developers.

The plod automation and digitized reporting save many hours of admin time, remove double-handling, and minimize the chances of reporting errors. In addition, it allows for easy and accurate  You can get your hands on DDR Plus ™ by contacting one of its authorized distributors, such as Infostat Systems.

RIMDrill for Drill Reporting

You can get an advanced DDR Plus ™ by opting for the RIMDrill software provided by Infostat Systems. It provides a holistic overview of drilling KPIs, downtime, utilization, and personnel. The software proves transformational as it allows drill operators to configure raw rig-sourced report data into impeccable data dashboards and offers exceptional visualization of drilling KPIs. You can also merge RIMDrill data with other systems within your drilling site and share your findings with important stakeholders. In addition, the software offers the following platform features:

  • Made specifically for rig and drilling users
  • Provides standardized IADC DDR and IADC DDR Plus ™ reports
  • Offers impeccable scalability and flexibility
  • Imperious data security and user access controls
  • Quality data visualization tools, including customizable and intuitive dashboards and displays

Get Started with Infostat Systems

If you’re convinced that the RIMDrill system is the perfect solution for your drill reporting needs, get in touch with our team at Infostat Systems, Inc. today. We’ll schedule a demo to help you understand the intricacies of this impeccable drilling information system before you implement it within your existing infrastructure.

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We also offer cloud-based solutions where you can access the software anytime, anywhere you like. In addition, we’ll also help your staff with world-class training and support that enables them to use the RIMDrill for Drilling Contractors software to its maximum potential.

Contact us now to learn what makes RIMDrill one of the most revolutionary information solutions for drilling contractors worldwide.