Your Complete Guide to IADC Daily Drilling Reporting

The IADC Daily Drilling Reporting has been the gold standard for drilling reporting activities that are used by businesses across the globe. They are available in paper form and are obtainable from the IADC. Or, you can get a licensed electronic format from one of their authorized distributors.

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It is the recognized standard for drilling reporting and is used in legal contracts as a reporting performance standard.

With an increased number of drilling KPIs and the evolution of technology and relevant standards, IADC has now introduced the DDR Plus ™, replacing the old DDR. However, many of the new standard’s bases stem from the old software and solutions.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the IADC Daily Drilling Reporting and how it helps optimize drilling reporting and operations.

Role of the IADC

IADC is an impartial body that represents the entire drilling industry worldwide. There’s a greater onus on the organization to provide an industry standard for reporting performance, which they have provided in the form of DDR and DDR Plus ™. When talking about DDR, the standards can be divided into three main categories:

  1. Base sensor data standards
  2. Drilling report fields and transitional calculations
  3. Static data
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There has been a greater focus on automatically filed in reports, and IADC has prescribed standards on the following aspects:

  • Sensor location
  • Recalibration duration
  • Sensor accuracy and range
  • Digit maintenance when transmitting data across various networks.
  • Sensor sample frequency
  • Calculation methods and data formats

IADC is important in regularizing daily drilling reporting and ensuring transparency and accuracy across the board. In short, IADC has a key role to play in four aspects:

  • Accuracy and quality of measured drill rigging data
  • Transformation standards
  • Format, fields, and sections of reports
  • Digital IADC DDR format (schema or others)
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IADC Daily Drilling Reporting and Digitization

In early 2018, the IADC Advanced Rig Technology (ART) introduced a project to update and digitize the DDR. An upgraded system, the DDR Plus ™, was subsequently launched to improve the reporting process further and optimize drilling operations. It was aimed to be more usable and helped improve data accuracy and reduce lead times.

The DDR plus structure allows users to mold new DDR codes to their data sets while remaining compatible with the original software. The granular code set was aimed to bring much-needed flexibility to provide detailed reporting and analytics.

the RIMDrill software by Infostat Systems.

RIMDrill by Infostat Systems

Infostat Systems is an authorized distributor of the DDR Plus ™ software. However, it has developed its own state-of-the-art solution that goes beyond the DDR Plus ™, aiming to provide users with impeccable dashboard creation and data visualization capabilities.

Available as a standalone or cloud service, the dual-function application aims to collect daily rig and IADC DDR Plus reporting information and transmit it through a secure pathway to a central system where users can visualize the data and highlight key aspects of the drilling operations and rig performance.

Apart from its impeccable data reporting, analytics, and visualization capabilities, the software also offers the following value-added plug-ins:

  • Rig Personnel Management
  • Insights Downtime Reporting
  • Monthly Rebilling and Invoicing
  • Multiple Activity Center (MAC) Reporting
  • Marine Reporting
  • Reporter
  • Rig Sync
  • Enterprise Sync

Drilling managers can also use the RIMDrill Vista dashboard visualization system that helps manage critical aspects of drilling operations. Built on the Microsoft Power BI™ platform, this powerful business analytics tool is designed specifically for drilling contractors to track KPI performance and rig downtime. You can get RIMDrill Vista support as a complete end-to-end service or integrate this power-packed software into your existing software system and tools. The dashboard visualization system offers the following features:

  • Predefined dashboards to track rig performance, downtime, and utilization.
  • Users can modify and create dashboards.
  • Impeccable visualizations capabilities
  • Share insights with relevant stakeholders.
  • Windows, iOS, and Android device compatibility
  • Drag and drop features that help users with easy selection processes.

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