The Importance of Drilling Software Support and Training

Drilling software support and training are paramount for companies looking to unlock the full potential of powerful tech solutions for drilling contractors like RIMDrill. Inadequate support/training puts people at risk of conducting rig operations unsafely and/or inefficiently.

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Fortunately, some of the world’s leading drilling analytics software providers offer comprehensive support and training to help their clients avoid the above-mentioned risks. Their educational services ensure the drilling industry workforce develops the skills needed to become valuable members of the upstream operations community.

Read on to learn why it’s imperative for drilling companies to provide comprehensive drilling software support and training for their employees.

It Helps Drilling Contractors Maximize Operational Safety

Drilling software support/training is the key to rig safety. Drilling contractors that receive regular training on how to use tech solutions optimally are well-positioned to minimize the risk of injury due to equipment failure. Let’s illustrate this with an example.

Suppose you’ve invested in RIMDrill—one of the most powerful daily drilling report software on the market. If your staff doesn’t understand how to use the wealth of features built into this comprehensive drilling software, chances are they’ll make operational mistakes. They might underestimate the need for repairs, overestimate KPI fulfillment, and/or come up with suboptimal strategies to improve operational efficiency by misreading data. This will endanger people on the rig and cause a substantial loss in revenue/profits simultaneously.

Drilling software support and training alleviate this by ensuring contractors understand how to predict issues such as oil and gas extraction safety hazards before they arise. It also gives them the means to resolve issues proactively should they arise during drilling operations.

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It Generates the ROI Required to Justify Tech Solutions Investments to Shareholders

If you’re a drilling company, chances are your top priority is achieving a healthy ROI by streamlining operations through investments in tech solutions for drilling contractors. But how do you justify these investments to key stakeholders? That’s where drilling software support and training come into the picture. The idea’s simple: the more training and support you provide to your drilling contractors, the more streamlined your operations become. Let’s use the example above to illustrate.

Suppose you’ve invested in RIMDrill. You learn that the software helps drilling contractors set up custom dashboards to visualize the data analysis process, making it easier to formulate effective operational optimization strategies. In this scenario, giving your staff drilling software support and training is the difference between devising strategies that produce an average and optimal ROI. The higher your ROI, the easier it is to justify your investment in RIMDrill to shareholders—and the greater your operational efficiency.

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It’s a Valuable Source of Intrinsic Motivation for Staff

Did you know a study published in the International Journal of Training and Development found a positive correlation between support/training and staff intrinsic motivation? In simpler words, training/support motivates staff to put in their best effort at work. This reduces their desire to switch employers and maximizes their career prospects by boosting their chances of getting promoted.

Drilling software support and training work in the same way. Drilling contractors who receive adequate support and training remain up-to-date with the growing demands of the industry. They understand how to use advanced IT solutions for drilling contractors like RIMDrill to give their best at work. This is mutually beneficial; the drilling company maximizes its output and the drilling contractor maximizes job satisfaction.

With that said, the extent to which drilling software support and training mutually benefit drilling companies and contractors depends on the extent of training provided and how it’s implemented. We recommend working with a software provider that offers numerous types of training and a support program that encourages drilling contractors to share suggestions.

It’s also worth investing in support/training that doesn’t require contractors to go off-site, so they can learn how the software works and immediately apply their knowledge to maximize operational output.

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The Bottom Line

Drilling software support and training are vital because they benefit drilling companies’ internal and external stakeholders. Additionally, they maximize ROI for shareholders and boosts operational efficiency—but the key is to work with a reputable tech solutions provider. That’s where Infostat Systems, Inc. comes in.

At Infostat Systems Inc., we provide comprehensive support and training for our groundbreaking daily drilling report software RIMDrill. We offer everything from video tutorials to instructor-led classes for DDR for drilling contractors that want to upskill remotely. Our support covers every RIMDrill feature and plugin your company opts for.

Get in touch with us today to discover how our drilling software support and training help clients unlock the full potential of RIMDrill.