Carbon dioxide formula

5 Benefits of Carbon Capture and Sequestration

By pwsadmin | May 30, 2023

Short for carbon capture and sequestration, CSS is a process of determining and curbing the amount of carbon dioxide produced during an industrial process. It’s a critical performance and sustainability KPI used in the oil and gas industry. Carbon capture and sequestration also play a vital role in calculating the amount of carbon emitted from…

Crane birds with an oil rig in the background

How Do Well Operators Perform Environmental Well Lifecycle Assessment

By pwsadmin | May 24, 2023

Well lifecycle reporting helps well reporters and drilling contractors to evaluate the overall performance of their oil rig wells. With a growing focus on sustainability and environmental friendliness, well operators and lifecycle reporters must also conduct an Environmental well lifecycle assessment. A statistical report reveals that the global well lifecycle and daily drill reporting market…

Geothermal energy production

How Does Technology Help in Improving a Geothermal Power Plant Operations

By pwsadmin | May 18, 2023

The demand for geothermal energy is growing by the day. It has become a beneficial and more efficient alternative to fossil fuels, traditionally used for generating electricity. As modern-day businesses and governments move toward sustainable energy resources, they’re actively investing in geothermal resources to increase energy production, supply, and efficiency. However, just like any other…

Hydrogen and oxygen bonding

How Are Hydrogen Value Chains Changing the Face of the Modern Oil and Gas Industry

By pwsadmin | May 10, 2023

Modern-day oil and gas companies have a renewed focus. They’re inclining toward sustainable and more environment-friendly practices to reduce their carbon footprint. This transformative change has led engineers and scientists to discover and explore better oil and gas production methodologies. And today, we’re here to discuss the hydrogen value chain phenomenon, which is gaining massive traction…

Drilling Analytics Software Infograph

How Drilling Analytics Software Helps With Data And Results

By pwsadmin | May 1, 2023

Drilling Analytics Software (DAS) is a powerful tool that has revolutionized the oil and gas industry, allowing drilling companies to collect, analyze, and optimize data in real time.

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Your Complete Guide to IADC Daily Drilling Reporting

By pwsadmin | April 28, 2023

The IADC Daily Drilling Reporting has been the gold standard for drilling reporting activities that are used by businesses across the globe. They are available in paper form and are obtainable from the IADC. Or, you can get a licensed electronic format from one of their authorized distributors. It is the recognized standard for drilling reporting and…

An oil and gas power plant

4 Oil and Gas Key Performance Metrics (KPIs) You Should Measure

By pwsadmin | April 26, 2023

Like all other industries, technology has also significantly impacted the oil and gas industry. Drilling contractors or companies that drill and collect oil and gas must constantly use new technologies to stay on top of market trends and requirements. One such market requirement is implementing KPIs and using them to enhance the operations and profitability of…

A software expert holding a sticky note

How Technology Boosts Oil Well Performance & Sustainability

By pwsadmin | April 24, 2023

The global oil and gas industry has become quite volatile and competitive. From post-pandemic economic crises, inflation, and supply chain disturbances to different political ups and downs, several factors have dramatically transformed this sector in the last few years. Therefore, companies need to stay future-driven to stay lucrative in these tough times. So what can…

a person using a laptop.

Uncovering Key Benefits of DDR, DDR+, and DDR plus for Drill Reporting

By pwsadmin | April 20, 2023

Effective drill reporting and efficient and cost-effective operations are critical to the success of businesses involved in the drilling industry. As we move towards increased automation, the importance of having robust drilling software offering premium features has increased massively. Drilling managers and their procurement staff are now looking for robust software and solutions to help them…

Daily Drilling Reporting

Daily Drilling Reporting: Why is it Important in the Oil and Gas Industry?

By pwsadmin | April 17, 2023

Daily drilling reports help operators and contractors track progress, which is essential for ensuring effective and secure drilling operations in the oil and gas sector.


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